Dance with me - Shahla Bebe Photography

Dance with me, with a smile and a frown

Dance with me, for life is a dance and, dance is life

Dance with me, dance, dance, dance ...

"The project  Dance with me  is a gift to artists who dwell in those nations in which it is forbidden to bring their artistic talents to the stage."

The mixture of harmonious movements of the dancers, the brilliant colors of the costumes, all under the bright lights of the stage, combine at this exact moment to bring to fruition the celebration of their arts together in the project, “Dance with Me.” The selection of living colors in my artistic works has a unique and important place in the special gracefulness that characterizes the project “Dance with Me.” At the same time I have attempted to give form and color to the harmonious movements of the dances, and the viewer’s first impression is drawn to the faces of the dancers in my work. Each of the works is devoted to the wide variety of dance forms, modern and folk, which have been choreographed for the stage in studios all across Southern California. “Dance with Me,” is a project that began and continued through the first decade of the twenty first century, when I photographed the dancers, and several of the photographs were shown in group shows. This project, like so many other art projects, remained partly finished and the photographs were utilized as publicity photography.

In 2012, the opportunity arose for me to plunge fully into my photography as an art form. At last, I was able to create and complete the project, and that with a newer style. I found in this period the digitilization was the key to my painting and I was able to bring to fruition “Dance with Me” and introduce a new style of digitalized art. Taking into perspective the colors and forms, I have printed the images onto canvas, photographic paper, blue paper, and metal sheets and I have made several of them available in a Limited Edition.

I want to acknowledge and give special thanks to individuals and studios who have give me the opportunity to capture the beauty and excitement of their artistry: Anthony Shay, Khosrow Jamali, Shida Pegahi and Neynava Dance Co.

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